There are sites out there that will tell you that you will make thousands per every month participating in online surveys. Remember that this is not a get rich proposition, nor is it an executive position. While it is possible to make an extra amount of money each month to help out, anything above that will take hard work, diligence, and longer hours than you may want to put in if you are a stay at home mom. The most important step in making an income with paid surveys is to find a reputable survey platform. Out of the hundreds of survey websites that litter the internet, only a handful are worth your time. Sites like Take Surveys For Cash and a few other sites that have been around for years are your best bet. You can a wide variety of surveys in one place. The payouts are good and the site is not going to disappear overnight. When you are participating in online paid surveys, a lot will hinge upon your personal profile. Where you live, your age, and even your interest preferences. It will also depend upon whether the companies needing information are interested in hearing from you according to your profile. When you fill out your profile, make sure you check everything you are even remotely interested in or know anything at all about. You will be unable to alter your gender, age, and location, and they are also factors in which surveys you will be eligible for. If you’re not joining a proven survey platform, you may wish to sign up for every survey site you possibly can. The more you are affiliated with, the better your chances are of being eligible for more surveys.  You never know which site will disappear. So, it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket. Do ensure that you set up a separate email account for your paid surveys, otherwise you will find yourself in a world of confusion. Also keep in mind that focus groups will pay you much more for your opinions than regular surveys so sign up for those too. You should also realize that it will take a bit of time for these companies to get to know if you will be a dependable survey participant, so if you don’t get as many surveys as you expected, hang in there and over time you will build up a reputation for being reliable. You’ll have some months when you will make a little and other months where you make much more. It all depends on the surveys available to you at the time. You may have seen several survey sites that offer you a chance to win cash and prizes instead of giving you cash per survey. It is up to you whether you want to participate in these surveys. Quite frankly, it’s better to just choose cash and get yourself what you want with it. Choosing prizes and other freebies just complicates things. Last but not least, go with a survey site that offers higher payouts. You’d be shocked to find out that the same survey on different platforms will pay you different amounts. That’s exactly why some sites are more popular than others. They’re more generous with their payments. Your best course of action will be to join such a paid survey site.