The WarriorPlus platform, just like most platforms, comes with a learning curve. This is to be expected because of the sheer number of features and options available. It’s common to be overwhelmed when you’re starting out as an affiliate on WarriorPlus. You may not know what some of the terms mean or how to get your affiliate link and so on. Don’t panic. This article will answer some of the most common questions that affiliates have. Now let’s look at the common questions… 1. How do I get my affiliate link? Firstly, you should have sent the vendor an affiliate request. Once the vendor approves you request, you’ll receive an email telling you your request has been approved. Click on the link in the email and sign in to WarriorPlus – and your link will be there waiting for you. 2. How do I add a bonus to my affiliate link? To add a bonus, you’ll first need to be approved. Then click on the ‘Get Link’ button next to the product name. You’ll see a field that says “Buyer Bonus URL”. Add the URL to your bonus file here. You’ll need to host the bonus file on your own server. If you wish to add bonuses to the upsells in the funnel, you’ll need to click on the offer’s name (product). You’ll then see 3 tabs saying – Overview, Funnel Map and Products. Click on the ‘Products’ tab. Now you’ll see the products in the funnel, and next to each product there will be a little gift basket icon. Click on this icon and you’ll be able to add your bonus URL to these upsells. This is also the place where you can see the entire sales funnel by clicking on the funnel map. Hopefully the vendor you’re promoting has not gone overboard and added tons of upsells/downsells. You’d want to steer clear of such offers. 3. What is the WarriorPlus wallet? The wallet is a way for your commissions to be held, and you can withdraw the sum at one go to your PayPal account. This is better for keeping the vendor’s PayPal account safe. A single transaction is better than multiple small transactions of money going in and out almost immediately. You always want to avoid making the PayPal algorithm detect suspicious activity – even if you’re perfectly legitimate. Depending on your affiliate score, the length of time your commissions will be delayed will vary. New affiliates may have a 30-day delay while experienced and reputable affiliates may have a delay of just a few days or even no delay at all. 4. What do the terms ‘hops’ and ‘pulse’ mean? Hops just refers to the number of times people click on your affiliate links. The ‘pulse’ of a product refers to it’s popularity and how many affiliates are making sales from it. The pulse score will decline over time, but that is not a reflection of the product’s quality or how well it will convert. Generally, these 2 metrics aren’t really that important when promoting a product. They give you an idea of a product’s conversion during a launch, but other than that, they don’t matter. You can still pull in lots of affiliate sales even if you’ve not glanced once at the pulse or hops. Keep the main thing the main thing – and the main thing is your promotion efforts. 5. Where can I find offers to promote? Click on this link and you’ll see a whole list of products you can promote: 6. Where can I see my daily affiliate stats? Here you go: You can sort your stats by date range too. 7. How do I know where I stand in a JV contest? To see the contest leaderboard for a product you’re promoting, you’ll first need to go to the affiliate dashboard and click on ‘Offers’. Then find the product you’re promoting. You can either do a search by the vendor’s name or the product title. Once you find the product listing, if there’s a contest, you’ll see a little gift basket icon on the left of the product name. Click on it and you’ll be taken to the affiliate sign up page and there will be a link to the contest at the bottom of the page. Click on the contest link and you’ll see the leaderboard. 8. How do I see my affiliate score, refunds, etc? You can find these details here: That sums up the most common questions that affiliates have when using the platform. If you don’t see your question here, you can always contact WarriorPlus support by clicking on the red icon on the lower right corner of the screen to access the chat box: Alternatively, you may reach out to their support using their Facebook group: The WarriorPlus platform has made many affiliates financially successful. Use it well and may the odds ever be in your favor during your affiliate promotions.