The WarriorPlus platform has thousands of products that you can promote, and you’re spoiled for choice here. However, there are a few steps you should follow before promoting any product.Let’s see what they are…

* Decide on the type of affiliate you want to be
Here’s the hard truth – there are tons of products on WarriorPlus that are NOT worthy of promotion. Many are hyped up piles of virtual poop that have been given a nice coat of nail polish to look attractive.

Several marketers have complained that the platform should police the vendors and separate the wheat from the chaff. This is a tough job because of the sheer volume of products being listed on the platform – and is like putting the cart before the horse.

The onus of responsibility should be on the vendor and the affiliate. The platform should merely be treated as a tool that’s expedient to generating sales.

Which brings us to one question… “What type of affiliate do you want to be?”

You can promote rubbish products that only make money for the vendor and affiliate, but no one else… OR… you could promote good products that actually deliver results.

Another unfortunate truth is that the hyped up products usually sell better and make more money than the good ones. That’s just the way it is… and it cannot be denied.

You can make a lot of money promoting hype, but you’ll also get refunds that negatively impact your affiliate score.

ou’ll also slowly develop a reputation as an affiliate who promotes rubbish just for a quick dollar – and this reputation will be hard to change.

So, decide which approach you wish to take… and proceed wisely.

* Evaluate the vendor
Before even thinking of promoting a product, do check out the vendor’s reputation. You may wish to contact a few marketers whom you trust to ask for an opinion.

Alternatively, you may hang out in a few Facebook marketing groups and discern whom to promote and whom to avoid just by observing the comments.

Generally, if a vendor has a new product coming out every week teaching people how to make money online, it’s a red flag.

The number of featured offers, sales, etc. associated with the vendor has very little to do with the quality of the products they’re selling. You MUST dig deeper than these stats to discover the truth.

Always remember that promoting the wrong vendors will tar you with the same brush that’s used on them. So, be cautious.

* Study the sales page/JV page
Visit the product’s sales page. Is it persuasive? Does it look good? Do you have an idea of what the product is about?
If the answer is yes to these questions, the product will be worth promoting. Be aware of products that have blind sales copy. These are usually very convincing, but at the same time, the product could be abysmal.

If the product is about to be launched soon, do check out the JV page. You can usually find these pages listed on Study the page and look at the stats, the affiliates involved, the product info, the contest requirements, the guarantees and so on.

All these are indicators if the product is something you should get involved with.

* Getting product access
If you’re a new affiliate, the chances of you getting review access will be very low because you don’t have a proven track record. Even asking for a review copy will make you look like a freeloader.

At times like these, you may wish to contact the vendor to ask if you can buy the product before launch so you can review it. Sometimes they may allow you to buy it, and other times, they might just give it to you.

* Evaluate the product
Once you get the product, go through it thoroughly and see if it’s decent. If it’s software, it should not lag or be buggy.
If it’s written content such as an infoproduct or PLR, it should be well-written and helpful. Some products are nothing more than rehashed junk or a convoluted word salad that makes no sense to anyone.
Avoid them at all cost.

* Is it a good match for your audience?
There are 2 benefits that are accrued from promoting a product that suits your list (assuming you have one).

Firstly, if you’ve built a list of people who love software, promoting software products to them will definitely get you more sales rather than promoting coloring book templates. Give your audience what they want.

Secondly, when the product you’re promoting and your audience’s interests are in alignment, your conversions will be high and your stats on WarriorPlus will look great. You’ll get more sales and fewer refunds.

To conclude, always remember that WarriorPlus is a platform and not a quality control department.

Ultimately, you’lll need to decide if a product is worth promoting or something to avoid.

Initially, you may be unsure, but the more products you look at and the more launches you study, you’ll develop the instincts required to spot a winner and ride the wave to sales and profits.