If you have a list of subscribers to your website and a digital product like an eBook, then this is a perfect combination that you can use to generate huge amounts of sales.

Many gurus describe mailing lists as the single most important tool available to webmasters and digital marketers and if you can build a relationship this way then you’ll have an almost guaranteed market for your products as long as they’re good.

The Question Is Though, How Do You Go About Building a List of Subscribers?

Here are some basic steps that will set you on your way:

Sign Up for an Autoresponder

Autoresponders are services like AweberMailChimp and GetResponse which help you to manage your subscribers and send out confirmation e-mails etc. These are also what will allow you to create sign up forms that will look the part on your website.

Add a Form to Your Page

There are lots of places you can add a sign-up forms. One option is simply to put them on your website in one of the side columns or even at the bottom of each article.

Alternatively you can create a whole landing page designed specifically to drive conversions and sign-ups and you can then use PPC campaigns, SEO and social media to drive traffic to that page.

Pop-overs are also very popular (no pun intended) at the moment. These are windows that appear over the top of your content when readers have been on the page for a certain amount of time. These have been shown to drastically increase subscriptions. Just make sure you’re not frustrating your readers and causing them to leave.

Use an Incentive

An incentive can make a big difference in encouraging people to sign up to your mailing list. A common incentive is a free eBook or even just a chapter of an eBook that people will potentially buy later on. Visitors love getting things for free and this will seem like a much fairer exchange than just getting them to give you their contact details for free.

Talk About Your Mailing List

If you run a blog then simply talking about your mailing list in your posts can be a good strategy do. Don’t set up your form and then forget about.  Treat it as an integral aspect of your business and talk about why people should sign up and what exciting content they’ll receive if they do!