There are many factors involved but the bottom line is: If you are signed up with only one or two paid survey companies, you will never make enough money to quit your regular JOB.

For each site that you are signed up with, you will be offered anywhere from 1 to 4 surveys each month. On the average, each completed survey will pay you between $1 and $4 each.

Let’s go with $3 per survey. You have signed up with 10 survey sites, and each one sends you 3 surveys a month, you will of course make $90 during that month. On the other hand, if you signed up with 100 sites, and each one sends you 3 surveys each month, you will make $900 that month.

You can also make cash by surfing the internet and reading emails. Some of the paid survey sites offer these opportunities as well.

* Other Ways to Earn Cash Taking Paid Surveys
Another way to make money with paid surveys is to get involved with offers and surveys that promote specific products or services. These are called “Get Paid To” or GPT sites. GPT sites feature market research and offers for products and services. This will make your income go up as much as $1,000 a month. If you take advantage of multiple sites and sign up for offers.

However, these sites may require you to use your credit card for some of the offers. There are times when you are asked to buy something to get paid. You’ll need to keep track of the products or services you have signed up for, and make sure you cancel any free trials you do not want to keep when the trial period is over.

You’ll also have to track when you signed up for these free trials so that you’ll not end up paying for something you do not want.

Be aware that by visiting and using these sites you will get marketing phone calls, mail, and, email. If you shop online these sites can save you a good deal of money and supplement your income as well. There are ways for you to cut some of the privacy factors as well.

The decision on which way you wish to make money online is up to you. Try the different types of making money to see which ones you prefer. All paid for survey, and GPT sites are free to join, so you have nothing to lose by trying them.

However, it’s paid survey networks such as Take Surveys For Cash that truly help people make money with surveys. There’s nothing quite like having it all in one place. These proven platforms have thousands of surveys for members to complete.

Do you need to pay a one-time fee? Yes… but you’ll make your money back many times over. If you go the free route, you’ll probably end up joining disreputable sites that disappear overnight without paying you.

Always choose a proven paid survey network and work from there. While you may not make 5 figures a month, you can earn several hundred or a couple of thousand to help you pay the bills. Even this humble extra income can give you a lot more financial flexibility in your life.