The paid survey sites that you consider to be the best, may not be the best sites for someone else. One of the best ways to know if a survey site you’re dealing with is legit and reliable is to see how long they’ve been in business.

The good ones like Take Surveys For Cash have been around for ages and have thousands of members.
Other fly-by-night sites are here today and gone tomorrow. They disappear without paying their members and are never heard from again.

The types of surveys you do will determine your payouts. Everyone wants to complete the better paying surveys… but the surveys that you’re served will depend a great deal on the profile you filled out for the survey site, and the type of surveys they are taking.

A survey on cell phones will not be sent to you if you have not indicated you own one on your profile. Age and gender will be a factor in the surveys that are sent to you too. You wouldn’t ask a man to do a survey on a new bra concept, just as you wouldn’t send a survey about jock straps to a woman.

You’ll need to be honest when dealing with paid survey companies. If you are found out, you will be kicked off the site, and this will cut down on your income from paid surveys.

Besides, it is better to stick with things you know a bit about, or it will be obvious when taking the surveys. You will see what I mean once you start taking surveys. Only sign up once for a reputable paid survey site. Having more than one account will be reason for dismissal from the site.

If you follow the tip on signing up for as many survey sites as possible this will give you more opportunities because:

* The chances will be greater that you will find the top paid survey sites that will be compatible with your profile.

* Until it becomes apparent which paid survey sites will be most lucrative for you, you will still be making money with the other paid surveys that you have signed up for.

Depending on your profile, the paid survey companies may only send you one or two surveys a month. That is why it is important to sign up with as many paid survey sites as you can to begin with.

* You should look at the directories first. This will save time because you won’t need to look them all up separately. If you do not find enough in the free directories, you may want to do a search for paid survey sites. You can also purchase a paid membership to survey directories.

* Just keep signing up for different surveys and you will begin to make money. Be as diligent with filling out these surveys as you would with a JOB. Even though some of these companies don’t pay as much as others, that can change at any time.

To conclude, there are 2 ways to approach paid surveys. You can either do all the legwork yourself and go through hundreds of sites, or you could just join one of the best survey sites online that has thousands of surveys available for all it’s members.

In this way, you only need to log into one platform and there’ll be enough surveys for you to complete and make a decent income online.